• 4+1 Ball Bering4+1 Ball Bering
    4+1 Ball Bering
    4+1 Ball Bering

    1 роликовый и 4 шариковых подшипников.

  • Regular ball bearingRegular ball bearing
    Regular ball bearing
    Regular ball bearing

    Стандартные подшипники из нержавеющей стали.

  • Infinite anti-reverseInfinite anti-reverse
    Infinite anti-reverse
    Infinite anti-reverse

    Новейшая система стопора обратного хода моментально блокирует возвратное движение ротора без малейшего отката назад, гарантируя своевременную надежную подсечку 


Inertia reel with friction brake and open-type spool. A tough construction made of frost-resistant plastic and aluminum allows you to use the coil in the heaviest frosts. Four high-quality ball-bearings made of stainless steel provides smooth service. The field of application is not limited on winter. In summer you may use this coil on Bolognese rods and fishing on a boat.

  • For left hand
  • 4 ball-bearings
  • 1 roller bearing
  • Frost-resistant plastic housing and spool;
  • The system of rapid resetting of the line (free spool);
  • Instant reverse stop;
  • The system of braking the spool;
  • A ratchet
ModelGear RatioBearingsWeight, g.Line Capacity, Ømm/m
BSIZ60 3.6:1 4+1 160 0.280/100; 0.300/70