• Regular ball bearingRegular ball bearing
    Regular ball bearing
    Regular ball bearing

    Standard bearings in stainless steel.

  • Infinite anti-reverseInfinite anti-reverse
    Infinite anti-reverse
    Infinite anti-reverse

    The new system of a stopper of a return course instantly blocks return movement of a rotor without the slightest rollback back, guaranteeing a timely reliable cut

  • Computer balanced rotorComputer balanced rotor
    Computer balanced rotor
    Computer balanced rotor

    The newest system of computer balancing of the rotor, excluding the possibility of its beating during rotation and ensuring the soft operation of the mechanism.

  • Cone bailCone bail
    Cone bail
    Cone bail

    The conical base of the arch of the woodcutter, preventing overlapping of the line along the support of the roller.

  • Antitwist rollerAntitwist roller
    Antitwist roller
    Antitwist roller

    The special design of the logging roller is specially designed to reduce twisting of the line when winding. When winding the coil, the fishing line is dumped into the technological groove of the roller and passes through one point, whereby the line does not have the ability to "hang" over the entire surface of the roller, which subsequently avoids the formation of loops during casting.

  • 3+1 Ball Bering3+1 Ball Bering
    3+1 Ball Bering
    3+1 Ball Bering

    3 ball bearings, 1 roller bearing


  • 5 ball bearings;
  • 1 roller bearing;
  • Instant backstop;
  • Computer balancing of the rotor;
  • Hollow bow of the bail;
  • The conical base of the bow prevents overlapping of the line (Cone Bail);
  • Antitwist Roller;
  • Aluminum handle;
  • Spare graphite spool.

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Gear Ratio


Weight, g

Max Drag Power

Line Capacity, Ømm/m

BSQX2000FD 5.2:1 5+1 259 4 0,180/360; 0,200/300; 0,250/190
BSQX2500FD 5.2:1 5+1 262 5 0,200/340; 0,250/220; 0,300/150
BSQX3000FD 5.2:1 5+1 269 7 0,300/160; 0,350/125; 0,400/100
BSQX4500FD 5.1:1 5+1 373 8 0,350/150; 0,400/120; 0,450/100